"I can tell you, they are a keeper. So far, they have gone over and above for me!" (Jim L., VA)

Frequently-Asked Questions

Looking for answers?  We have compiled the most frequently-asked questions from our agency members and listed them below.  We will continue to add new information to this page as it becomes relevant, however, if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

We provide our service on a computer in your office using a remote connection. This remote connection is set up through a free software called LogMeIn (www.logmein.com).  Once you have downloaded the software and assigned a username and password, we can link with the designated computer. Depending on the number of computers versus employees in your office, our service can be done during the closed hours of the office. This diminishes any cost associated with providing another computer for remote work.

Our remote services work generally the same, just a different set of tasks. Depending on what you would like completed, most items and information can be either scanned in and placed in a folder for us to process or emailed directly to the remote specialist assigned to your office. You can send instructions through email or call your service worker on the telephone. The work process is designed and streamlined to conform to your office workflow.  We strongly recommend, especially in the beginning and like any new employee, that you review their work. This ensures that communication has been complete and that the work meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations.

Currently our Remote Accounting service is offered at $65 per hour and our Remote CSR service is at $40 per hour.<br/ >

What you no longer have to pay: Employee Taxes
Employee Benefits
Employee Vacation/Sick Time
Employee Retirement
And there is no more: Placing a help-wanted ad
Going through the interview process
Management process
Firing process

Our aim is to free you and your office from the work that can be done remotely and encourage you to focus on the most important thing in your agency, current and new clients!

This depends on your service. We require a retainer check of $1,000 for Remote Accounting and $750 for Remote CSR work. You are free to use each service for any minimum amount of time and we will be ready for any future service as well. Once the retainer has been depleted, you will receive a bill on the first of each month.

  1. Gather a list of areas to tackle so you can be organized and specific. This is very beneficial to our relationship.
  2. Call us at 804-909-3123 to discuss what is needed.
  3. Mail your retainer check or use your debit/credit card through PayPal.
  4. Set up a LogMeIn account and prepare/scan in the first batch of work to be completed.
  5. Relax, knowing that you are on the road to freedom! Treat yourself to a round of golf or whatever stress reducer you enjoy.